London-Vibrant, Red & Rainy

My sister, friend and I headed to Rennes then took off on a plane to London Southend. The train from Southend to London took over an hour and thirty minutes but the guy at the information desk who had printed out our tickets had been really helpful with directions and we got to our destination with no problem. After putting away our bags we had dinner at an Indian restaurant which was good.

The city at night was very beautiful- attractive, vibrant, red and rainy. And when the wind blew it felt like ice was seeping into my veins.

The next day we took a very long walk from Tower Hill to another part of town to get our London Passes. The views on the walk over were amazing- the London Eye, Millennium Bridge, the red telephone booths, two guys practicing boxing by HQS Wellington, pigeons gathering around a hunk of bread.

Once we got our passes we collected out tickets for the hop on hop off bus tours and boarded one shortly. The host, who gave us details about different places as we were passing them by, was super nice. He told us that he’d lived in London his whole life and we got into a conversation about languages.

As soon as we hopped off the bus, we took pictures of Big Ben and then hopped on a red bus to Oxford Circle. We stopped at H&M where I saw some interesting pieces and then headed into other stores searching for a coat for my friend. Bl-IMG_7418

After the shopping excursion, we arrived in Victoria to get free tickets to a film screening but the branch we visited was not one of the participating locations for the London Pass Experience.Bl-IMG_7361 We ended up having dinner before heading to the V&A Museum where I really enjoyed the altars and the stained glass windows of the sacred art section. The museum was closing at 10pm and we’d arrived after 9pm so I definitely didn’t have enough time to go through the whole museum but I will be sure to visit it again someday.


JAN 17



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