London- Art Explosion

I woke up earlier than my travel companions the next morning so I hopped on the train to Shoreditch to experience the street art scene there. The walk in Shoreditch was wonderful and the amount of works in the area was astounding. Being in such a space was electrifying and it was good for my spirit to go on this journey and see all the amazing and often amusing displays and messages.

When I got back to the hotel from Shoreditch, I reunited with my sister and friend and we headed to Westminster Abbey.

After finding out that the Abbey was closed to visitors we hopped onto a bus to Saint James Park Station, disembarked, and then walked along Buckingham Gate to get to the palace. It was cool to see Buckingham Palace live and direct.

After the seeing the palace, we headed to Oxford Circus, got waffles with multiple toppings which I happily devoured and then headed into Lush.Bl-IMG_7424 The lady working at the sink by the entrance was really nice and we got to choose the next bathbomb that she would drop in the water. I believe that the one we chose is called Intergalactic. Following that, we got dinner from Harrods before returning to the hotel.

As soon as we finished our take home meal, my sister and I headed to the Tate Modern. I was glad that it was closing at 10pm and I loved my visit. I especially enjoyed the room displaying Guerilla Girls art and also some of the more abstract, colorful works. I am so glad I got to experience this museum and I plan to return for a future visit.


JAN 17


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