Tower of London & Kensington

Bl-IMG_7809On Sunday, my sister, friend and I visited the Tower of London. After exploring the Tower, we boarded a City Cruises boat and one of the crew members on the boat acted as a commentator during the trip. He was (pretty) knowledgeable and made it fun and engaging. We disembarked at Westminster Pier and it was there that I discovered a problem with my Oyster Card. One of the attendants at the station gave me a temporary pass and directed me to go to Victoria Station to resolve the issue.

Following the interlude at Victoria Station, we headed to High Street Kensington to visit Kensington Palace. Kensington Palace was nice as well as Kensington in general (or at least the corner of Kensington we got to roam). We met a gentleman named Paul who worked within the palace and struck up a nice conversation with him. He was really sweet and he informed us that Kate had actually been at the palace the day before. We also learned that she and her family sometimes go to the playground nearby to play with other children there. It was cool to just talk to him and imagine what doing his job must be like and the experiences he has had working there over the years.


While exploring the palace, we came across a hallway with what looked like watercolor or airbrushed images of Princess Diana on the walls and we found out that there will be a fashion exhibition of her wardrobe this coming summer. Another thing  I found fascinating was that there were some pieces of jewelry at the palace gift shop which cost thousands of pounds and came with certificates of authenticity.

After leaving the palace, we headed to a restaurant for dinner and then walked into this store at the High Street Kensington Station that had lovely, crass, wonderful, joyful, invigorating, funny messages on its wares.

The store is called Scribbler and I hope to visit again someday. On the cruise back, I took as many pictures as I could of the landscape at night and I drank Ribena, which I haven’t had in so many years, before going to bed.

The next morning, we woke up super early to catch our flight. Once we took off into the sky, the view was spectacular. A few days earlier, during the takeoff to London, I had gone into deep meditative state as soon as the nose of the plane pointed upward. This time, on the way back to France, I went into a place of awe and wonder at so much beauty in the skies and in the world. In between the clouds, thus as above so was it below. The sunrise was beautiful and I had hope for me, hope for all of us, hope for the future, and hope for life. It was just an instant, a moment of openings of the spirit and the mind and letting everything go. Letting it be.

When we arrived in Brittany, my sister and I watched a few shows, ordered pizza, and received complimentary coke. I just love getting wonderful surprises from the Universe. It makes me love and appreciate the interactions with the many great people I meet along the way.


JAN 17



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