Helicopter Tour

The next morning, after getting ready for the day, I head down to breakfast and Claire’s daughter shows me some works from her art collection. She then does the sweetest most unexpected thing: offering me one of her paintings. Of course I had to accept! – but on the condition that she sign the art piece. I was so touched by this gesture.

After breakfast, I hang around in the living room while the kids are watching cartoons. Right before lunch, we drive to Claire’s husband’s office and I get to see a rescue helicopter and learn a little bit about the crew and equipment.Bl-IMG_9217

After the tour, Claire’s son asks her if he can catch the end a Wizards and Indiana Pacers match on the TV before we leave the office. When the game is over, we return to their house for lunch.

Once we are done with lunch, we head to the mall and browse through a few stores before going to the grocery store. In addition to their regular grocery, Claire gets some ingredients to make lemonade and cookies. We had had a conversation during breakfast revolving around food and I had told I would be happy to make both lemonade and cookies and to share the recipes with her.

We had also gotten into conversation about American films and I had told her that I had never seen Forest Gump (or Dirty Dancing or Grease) and so she decided to get a couple of the movies to rectify the situation.

After leaving the mall we head back to the house and Claire makes Dahl for dinner which is absolutely delicious. Once dinner is over, everyone gets settled in the living room to watch Forest Gump (and it’s in French). I have to say the movie is incredibly inspiring, moving, and heartwarming; it gives me hope and it was great watching it as a group. It is an experience I will always remember.

FEB 17




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