Lemonade Fun

After eating breakfast the following morning, Claire, her kids, and I gathered in the kitchen to make lemonade, American style. I was in charge of the operation and I felt like I was leading a demonstration on a cooking show. It was so fun. When the lemonade was made, we had chili and salad for lunch. By the time we had finished lunch, the lemonade had cooled down enough for us to funnel it into bottles and placed them in the fridge to chill. We then watched Despicable Me 2.

thumbs up across the board

When the movie ended we left the house to watch a play called, C’est pas le moment. It was pretty well done (and of course in French) but there were definitely some subtleties I wasn’t able to catch onto.

When we got back in, Claire made Carbonara for dinner. One of her daughter’s friends was over for a visit and everyone tried the lemonade and liked it- thumbs up across the board. For dessert we had ice cream and I chose pistachio. After dinner we played some Wii games with the balance board which was fun and challenging and we also talked about viral dance trends.


FEB 17


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