I had croissant and tea for breakfast and spent the morning in conversation until lunch. After lunch, Claire took me to this marina or port de plaisance called Bénodet. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The wind was out to play and I was captivated by the scenery. We came across a donkey (of all things) on our walk.

I spotted an American flag above a crêperie, a sailboat almost falling over on its side on the horizon, went into the church then walked out and spied a Saint James store along the board walk. There was also a Casino at the other end of the promenade which I was not expecting to see and on our walk back to the car I noticed some boats with some interesting names like Salsa and War Zoo 3.

When we got back to Claire’s town I asked if we could make a pit stop at the church. We got there and found out it was closed which was disappointing but I got a wonderful picture of the Angel at the entrance.

We enjoyed some refreshments before dinner once we got back in and after dinner, Claire headed to a neighborhood meeting. The rest of us stayed behind and watched Get Smart which is super funny.

I am really excited for tomorrow because I get to explore Quimper some more.


FEB 17


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  1. […] to their favorite crêperie in Sainte-Marine and sitting at the window seat, I could not make out Bénodet, which sits right across the water, due to the fog. My galette (savory crêpe) was yummy and by the […]


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