From Quimper to Concarneau

For breakfast today,  I had bread with this amazing mango and passion fruit marmalade. For lunch I had delicious rice and salmon and shortly after lunch Claire dropped me off right in front of the Cathedral in Quimper. The weather was beautiful- sunny and warm like an early spring day.

Nathan soon arrived and we went into the cathedral. He pointed out that the center line of the cathedral winds to the left at the nave and explained that it was the result of an earthquake from the long long time ago days.Bl-IMG_9368Bl-IMG_9340

After making a stop at the tourism office we headed to the Breton Museum which, similar to the Alsace Museum, depicts the lifestyle and history of Bretons, the region’s people, throughout the centuries. We then walked around the Jardin de la Retraite which is a gem and I spotted a sun dial inscribed with Carpe Diem.

We visited the library next to see a paper architecture exposition which was awesome then headed into the main library. The library is giant and has several levels. I enjoyed the section with the super ancient books where you could see through the glass dividers.

After the library, we stopped by Nathan’s apartment, enjoyed a drink and some snacks, then drove out to Concarneau which is absolutely beautiful. It is another seaside town which is relaxing and peaceful.

We walked into the fortified part of the town, climbed the ramparts, and with the weather, the wind, the birds, the water and the boats, I couldn’t help but admire the beauty. The fortress is charming.

Once we had made the tour of the rampart, we left the fortress and headed to a bar for aperitifs before going into a restaurant for dinner. It was delicious and as I was enjoying my meal, couples started trickling in for their Valentine’s celebration. Bl-DSCN2281

After dinner we returned to Nathan’s and watched an episode of The Crown before he dropped me off at Claire’s. He was such a great person to be around and I had such a fun and relaxing day.

FEB 17



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