Douarnenez & Sainte-Marine

I accompanied Claire and her son on some errands and on our way back she made a detour to a cozy coastal town named Douarnenez.

As we walked by the marina, Claire regaled me with a tale of how her daughter would mispronounce the town’s name as  Doigt en nez (finger in nose) when she was younger.

All was calm and I enjoyed perusing an antique store displaying many traditional Breton items and handiwork.

The next morning, my last day, Claire and her family took me to their favorite crêperie in Sainte-Marine and sitting at the window seat, I could not make out Bénodet, which sits right across the water, due to the fog. My galette (savory crêpe) was yummy and by the time I had finished devouring it the fog had lifted somewhat and I was finally able to catch a glimpse of Bénodet.

When we left the restaurant Claire drove us to a coastline nearby which had a church but the doors were closed even though music was filtering through the heavy wooden doors giving a haunted vibe.

When we got back to Claire’s I got my luggage ready and then said goodbye to her kids. Claire and her husband drove me back to my apartment and were thoughtful to stop by the grocery store so I could do my shopping for the week. When they helped take my goods in I thanked them both for their hospitality and graciousness. I had stayed a whole week with their family and there was no way a week earlier, when the invitation had been extended, that I could ever have imagined that I’d have such a great experience as their guest.

FEB 17


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