Paris Again Vol.2 Part 2


The first stop on our agenda today is brunch followed by a visit to Sacré-Cœur. I still feel a sense of trepidation whenever I come face to face with the incline but thankfully, we hopped onto the funicular on the way down.

After strolling around the shops in Montmartre, we take the metro and head to Galeries Lafayette.

Although Galeries Lafayette is grand (the dome is splendid and I spend some time marveling at the space), my purpose in visiting the mall is to access the roof terrace on the seventh floor which is free to the public and has amazing views.

We find a crowd up there yet the area maintains its sense of space and openness. My cousin and I stop, we take a breath, we play some music, and we relax into the moment.


In addition to enjoying the great views outdoors, when I walk back indoors, I come across an artist painting watercolors of famous Parisian scenes.Bl-IMG_0216 I strike up a conversation and learn that he is there most days of the week and he gives me permission to take a photo of his work and capture it on video.  When we return to the ground floor of the gallery, we spend some time looking around the kiosks before returning to the hotel for an evening break.

Shortly after sunset, my cousin and I head to Trocadéro, admire the Eiffel Tower from afar then visit some souvenir shops before sitting down in a restaurant to enjoy dinner.

We call it a night an hour before midnight and on our way back we come across some musicians we had met the day before at the metro station.  We stop to enjoy their performance and before you know it there is a crowd gathered. Many of the people are tipsy, the mood is jovial, and the growing audience joins into the fray, dancing and singing along with the performers. The atmosphere provides the perfect note to close out our last night in Paris.



MAR 17


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