From France to Galway

I woke up early and caught three trains to get to Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG) and on the second leg, from Guingamp to Rennes, I did not have an assigned seat but my intuition took me to a specific spot with a seat which remained unclaimed for the rest of ride. Switching trains at Rennes to CDG my ticket was first class which is always an uplifting experience.

Once I arrived at the airport I met up with Sarena and check-in was super easy. The flight was great and there were rainbows everywhere. They were on the trays on the seat backs, on my skin, my jeans and on the window. Maybe I’ll find a pot of gold in Ireland. Fingers crossed.

When we landed in Dublin we figured out the transit situation, hopped on our bus and waited a while for the bus to load up. While waiting I asked for help- a message, support. I turn to the left and I see a clock tower that has God is Love in golden letters right on the side of the building. We soon zoom off and the bus ride takes about three hours.

When we arrive at Galway and are stepping off the bus, I notice the lady standing in front of me wearing a purple backpack with a huge seashell hanging off the side of it. I immediately asked her if she had walked the Camino de Santiago and whether I could take a picture of her seashell. She told me either that she had been there a week ago or that her Camino experience had lasted a week. I was not quite sure which it was but this was a huuuuge message from the universe. I am on the right path and Saint Jacques is right beside me.

Galway is nice and cute. When we arrived we checked in, dropped off our stuff and went out to get food.  We had noticed a huge gathering on the walk to the restaurant and the lady who was helping us was super nice and told us that Ed Sheeran was randomly in town today. She suspected he was shooting a music video and explained that the crowd Sarena and I had seen were trying to get a glimpse of him. We headed back in, ate some food and then took a short walk along the narrow streets. It looks like a nice calm place and I’m ready to see more of it during the day.

APR 17


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