Dublin: Museums & Fairs


Today Sarena and I visited the Chester Beatty Library and I wished I had gotten to spend more time in the sacred art section but we were due at Trinity College where we had scheduled a block of time see The Book of Kells.

It is purported to be the oldest book world but I was more interested in the library that we had to walk through on the way out after seeing the book. It’s a dream library and I could spend all day in there.

Our next stop was the National Gallery.

When we arrived there we found out that it was closed for the next few months due to major renovations. On our walk back we encountered a group riding a drinking and biking contraption which made us laugh and walked into Old World New, a small store selling merchandise with statements that were tongue in cheek.

Fair Day

The next day there was a fair with events scheduled all around the city and our first stop was St. Stephen’s Green. At this park we were able to see a Traveller Tinsmith creating watering cans, families gathered around a drum circle, people on stilts, and more.

It was a very lively scene. We stopped right outside the park for a few minutes to listen to a live band performance before heading to the next location.

On the way to the next location we came across this indoor market that was mostly empty. Most of the stalls were closed (maybe because of the day’s events in town) but the ones that were open had some cool setups.

When we arrived at the next location there were giant flowers and balloons. There was live music and several booths providing mini workshops such as Dj-ing  and poetry.

We headed into the poetry stall and this is what I came up with:

“Oh breakfast

How I don’t like to eat you

But I must

If I’m to make it through lunch

How about toast?

 Or crunch?

Or maybe… cereal en temps réel.”

We left that location for the one in front of Dublin castle and the Print Making workshop had a ridiculous line. We talked to someone near the front of the line who told us that they had waited two hours. Sarena and I weighed the opportunity cost of waiting in line for this in lieu of accessing as many experiences as possible in this location and others. We settled on waiting for the printmaking because when else are we going to find ourselves in Dublin pressing a print design onto a cloth bag. It turned out to be a great decision.

At our last stop there was a dance workshop. We peeked into the tent where the people were learning to tango.  All in all, the fair was a fun affair.


APR 17



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