Sally Gap, Glendalough, & Bray

Sarena and I visited the Irish Museum of Modern Art and I was excited to find out that they had a special exhibition entitled As Above, So Below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics. I spent all of our allotted time for this visit in this section and didn’t even get halfway through it because I was really taking my time to take in everything.

Sarena and I met up in the café at the agreed upon time so that we could walk to the bus station and head to Bray. Leah, my coworker, was in town and she had contacted me. She had offered to show us around and so we had made plans and were scheduled to meet up with her there.


Leah drove us towards the mountains and we ended up in Glendalough which had a Rapunzel looking tower. It was relaxing to walk around the monastic city with its ruins and the lake.

Sally Gap


Leah then decided to drive to Sally Gap and all I can say is, Woah! Riding through there you are reminded of how small we are as humans.

The space is vast and the frequency is so high and clear in the mountains. There was one area that looked like the perfect backdrop for a rugged SUV commercial. I felt really connected and plugged into the earth.

When we returned to Bray Leah took us to the waterfront where we fed some swans before dropping Sarena and I off at the train station for our return trip to Dublin.

That disconnection from the busy world and the immersion into nature in its glory was exactly what my soul had needed.

APR 17





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