Nice: Jardin Cimiez & Musée des Beaux-arts

I was excited attend a festival today at Cimiez and seeing the ruins there definitely brought back memories.

When I arrived at the location though, nothing was happening. People were gathered there but no event was taking place even though the area was decorated for the festival.

I went online to check on whether things were postponed to a later date or time but after being unsuccessful in finding any updates I decided to walk to the Franciscan church nearby and visit the monastery’s garden adjacent.

I love this garden. The sunshine, flowers, and amazing view at the perimeter overlooking the city is uplifting. I made my way into the small forested area after admiring the view and settled into a sense of absolute calm.

Following my stroll through the woods, I walked back into town and down to the Promenade des Anglais.

As I was walking along the boardwalk toward Quai Rauba Capeu, I felt this presence by my right shoulder and my head. It was sort of like a bubble. I kept wondering what it could possibly be and then it hit me. That bubble was holding the space of my past here and the people that were with me who played an integral part of my experience here. As soon as I made that connection, the bubble floated away and I continued on.

I was surprised to see on the rise of the Quai that an I LOVE NICE sign now resided in the corner spot overlooking the Promenade.Bl-IMG_2276 It took me a moment to process how I knew the place to be to what it currently looked like which was slightly disconcerting. I moved a few feet away and sat on the concrete bar parallel to the water, taking in the view and almost being blown away by the high winds.

When I got back in V came looking for me and offered me a Muguet which is a flower that, in France, is given to people to commemorate la Fête du Travail (labor day). It was so unexpected yet much appreciated. Receiving flowers is always wonderful.

Musée des Beaux-arts

I wanted to visit the Musée des Beaux-arts in Nice today so I took walk over there after lunch.

I had a wonderful time perusing the museum and at the end of my visit I walked to the front yard to sit on one of the benches and admire the garden and architecture.

A few minutes later, a flock of schoolchildren come rushing in and I have a chat with their teachers. They were gathered there to complete drawing assignments. At an art museum! How cool is that?Bl-IMG_2373

I stopped by the grocery store on the way back to V’s and I discovered there is such a thing as Fanta cassis. Cassis is french for blackcurrant. It did not disappoint at all. I also got rice cereal. I couldn’t find any that was plain so I settled on a chocolate one and added marshmallows to the cart. I am planning on making rice krispies treats for the family sometime soon.

MAY 17

Un Muguet


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