Nice: la Colline du Château & some more museums

I spent the first part of the day at the sports museum attached to the Stade de Nice. I’m not a huge sports person but the museum had an amazing exhibition of sports portraits done by C15, a street artist, that had vibrant blues and reds.

The second part of my day was spent at the Musée Matisse. I have heard quite a bit about Matisse and I enjoyed the works on display. The bright pink facade is only a cherry on top.

The next day I met up with Yufan. She is amazing and I’m glad that we could reconnect here in Nice. We had lunch at an Indian restaurant followed by ice cream from Fenocchio (best ice cream ever!). I got pistachio and white chocolate on a cone and we walked to the Promenade des Anglais where we ascended the stairs of the Colline du Château or Castle Hill.

Now, I’ve never gone up there despite having lived in Nice previously and I thoroughly enjoyed the views, the stone and tile mosaics, the waterfall. It was such a treat.

I was sad to see Yufan go at the end of our tour yet I was grateful that I got the chance to experience this place for the first time with her. She was an amazing guide.

Amie joined me in the kitchen yesterday and we made rice krispies treats with chocolate rice cereal so when I got back in I enjoyed some bars and Ray, V’s current host student, surprised me with a Kinder Surprise. This all made my inner child dance with joy.Bl-IMG_2835

The next day, I stopped by some souvenir stores but when it started raining in earnest, I dashed into the library until the sprinkles got light enough for me to make it in, for the rest of the day, without getting drenched.


MAY 17


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