Florence II: Elevated Spirit

I started the day with a little foray in San Lorenzo Market.

On the walk there I unknowingly deviated from the path the map was taking me through but I only realized it once I saw that I was closing in on the Duomo. I turned off maps and considered just scrapping the San Lorenzo excursion for the day.

My intuition however, led me to take a certain turn and I decided to just walk following it and see what happened. At this point I was kind of getting into low spirits but I pepped myself up and chose to roll with it.
When I came across what looked to be an old church I turned my GPS on again just to see where the market was and discovered that not only was I heading in the right direction, but also that it was just a minute or so away. I successfully made my way to the location and spotted a couple scarves with the Klimt design.

This sighting elevated my spirit as it was a truly reassuring sign. I made my way indoors, browsed around the stations on the first floor then made it upstairs to find some food.

I walked around for a bit upstairs and when I bumped into an American with a tray of food she was clearing away, I asked about what she’d gotten and if it was something she’d recommend. She told me that it was a Francesca sandwich and that the filling was stewed beef.

It sounded good to me so I went ahead and ordered the same thing, sat down at a table, and started enjoying my meal. I also ordered a water and lemon soda once seated and the soda was absolutely delicious and refreshing.

After lunch, I completed my walk through the outdoor part of the market and at the very end of the lane right across the street was an amazing tableau of Mary and below her was a water fountain with spigots coming out of the mouths of the heads.

I refilled my bottle then decided to take a break at the Santa Maria Novella Piazza for another meditative session. When I got back in I took a nap before preparing for the New Generation Festival later that night.





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