Florence IV: Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice


Today I decided to do a Florence walk following the *Rick Steves Audio-guide tour. I started with the Duomo which I finally got to see in full for the first time and ended up circling around the church before I found the starting point. It is beautiful but I did not end up entering the space.

Right across, Ghiberti’s Doors on the Baptistery was absolutely magnificent and I saw a couple of nuns along the way. I made my way to take a seat on a bench that was on the quieter side of he church where the Bell Tower was situated as I listened to the part of the audio covering the story of the dome.


When the Duomo segment ended, I paused the audio and relaxed for a bit before getting back up.As I walked down the main avenue, I took a detour and turned onto another street that was essentially a giant square with a great arch as a backdrop and a carousel was spinning in the foreground.

I snapped some photos before heading back to the main street where I soon spotted Pylones with its trademark brightly colorful and playful display. I promptly headed in there. This store always gives me so much joy; tempting me to buy something, which I haven’t to date. But one day, when I’m living in Europe, I will definitely be treating myself to some Pylones goodies.

Once I exited the store, I headed to Orsanmichele and at the further corner along the main street I spied a board with some beautiful paintings posted on there of an elephant, a mermaid, a cute fairy lady, and a horse. The paintings gave me a sugar, spice, and everything nice, imaginative and fantastical vibes.

I walked along my end of the perimeter into the church and the interior is amazing; I liked the feeling of being in it. I walked around the inside before sitting down to take my time to tune in and then say a prayer.

When I exited the church I continued along the perimeter to the other end corner of the building meeting the main street where those magical paintings were and I found that it was a young woman painting them.

I really wanted to buy one (or two or three) but I did not have any cash on me so I her I would be back the next day- and I truly did intend to return. I then decided to make this spot the last stop for the day and to pick up the audio tour the following day from here.

I was getting tired so I headed back to the arch with the carousel and had another meditation break at the Santa Maria Novella Piazza before making my way back to my hotel.

Once at the hotel, I communicated with my family before watching some videos online then setting my alarm and going to bed.





*Rick Steves Audio Tour- the app is free and the walks are amazing. Check it out here. The tours are accompanied by maps as well as transcriptions of the audio.




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