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Adventures in Printing

Brittany, France

I just love teaching. It is something, the interaction, it makes me feel alive. 

I was excited to get back to the classroom and get to teaching today after the first holiday break. I had prepared a lesson about stereotypical high school students/groups and saved it on a flash drive. When I got to the teachers’ lounge I was unable to log in to the computer and I really needed to print the handout in order to make copies for this lesson. I left to get to my first classroom and I was unable log in there as well to update my presentation so I decided to wing it.

I hadn’t yet met with this group of students so I did an impromptu presentation involving trivia of the U.S., my home state, and then followed up with sharing information about my university. They were a super good and attentive group and they eagerly participated. My second group of the day was also great.

I then had an hour break so I came back to the apartment to work on some things. As I was rushing to get back to the next class, I got my wig, which had just arrived, placed it in my room and ran out.

My third group of the day was a little bit rowdy so I’ll have to be firm with the students in that class. I just don’t want too many interruptions or having students test me in terms of pushing boundaries. I did manage to login to the computer in my third classroom but there was no mouse so I’ll just save the high school stereotypes lesson for next time.

After that last class I went back to the lounge to try to print the handout once again. This time I succeeded with logging in to a computer however, when I hit print -multiple times-nothing happened so I asked another professor for assistance.

After clicking around for a bit, Louise walked in and let me know that I could easily circumvent the issue by inserting my USB into the printer and then inserting a login code on the digital panel attached and print the documents directly. It worked and I was super grateful. It was great to see her again and we went to lunch with another professor.

After lunch I retired and tried on my wig. I love it. It’s life-changing. Anyway, tomorrow I’m heading to the post office and also planning on getting some food.

I’m looking forward to going into town with my new hairstyle. Cheers to that.


Aisha Isabelle



October 2016


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