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Best Night Ever

I had the best night ever. So after calling Stacia to find out where we would be meeting, I got ready and headed to Wayne’s. Marthe, Brandon, Michael and his friend, and Stacia had already pregamed before getting there. I met them at the bar but the bartender was very rude so we left. We went to Pompeii, another bar, where the drinks were much cheaper and Stacia and Michael took fire shots. I talked briefly to Michael’s friend who is Persian, if I remember correctly, and is studying in Italy.

We next headed to Sansas and on our way saw two American guys sitting in front of the fountain of the Palais de Justice. Marthe was very exuberant so she approached them and since they were looking for bars they came along with us. We learned that they were cousins backpacking Europe and were heading to Monaco tomorrow.

At the Massena fountain we ran into Jen and her group of friends. By now the two groups (ours and Jen’s) were all over the place and Brandon and I were trying to round up our group. We then went into Sansas and ran into Raheem and his friends. We danced a bit and then Stacia, her friends, and Brandon left. I convinced Marthe to go back to Wayne’s and one of the Americans came with us even though he couldn’t find his cousin. We had good conversation, went to Wayne’s, danced our hearts out , then went back to Sansas to get his cousin.

Marthe and I left Sansas and once again ran into Raheem’s friends rolling round the sidewalk in high chairs so we stopped by the Massena fountain to talk to Raheem. He was having a conversation with a group, French and American. It turned out the Americans were here for a wrestling tournament; the French people were just chilling at the fountain and the French girl and one of the guys were fascinated by my colored contacts and the guy tried to get my contact info. My response was, no boo boo, all you getting is this meeting in the middle of these streets. There was also another French guy Marthe was talking to about rugby who was good looking and who we probably won’t cross paths with again. They tried to invite us to an electronic club but it was super late and we had to wake up early tomorrow to get to Monaco.

We said goodbye to the group and Raheem and his friends then Marthe and I hopped on our velo bleu (city bikes) and Raheem came running after us when we were by Galeries Lafayette. He got into the basket of my bike and it was fun biking even though it was difficult to steer and I could hardly see anything. He offered to switch spots but I was too scared to climb in and have him pedal (maybe next time). Once his friend came running and caught up with us, he jumped off and then we parted ways.

I expect tomorrow to be super fun.

November 2015

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