What got me through 2020

What got me through 2020? 1. Watching 90 Day Fiancé in all its permutations I have watched 90 Day Fiancé since it first aired and out of the whole 90 Day Fiancé universe I think there are maybe two seasons I haven’t really watched. All the spin-offs that aired during the year have been a […]


23 & Me

I have officially left my town in Brittany. I packed everything I needed to, booked my ticket to return home and returned my wi-fi box. I then ate a huge plate of spaghetti and while drying the dishes I hit my lip really hard with a pot. I had to take care of the bleeding […]


Next Phase, New Site

I will continue writing about my time in France. To catch up on my previous stories about my first time in France, which includes my travels while studying abroad, please click here. Following that experience, I am now looking forward to really diving into writing about what happened next during phase two […]


Best Night Ever

I had the best night ever. So after calling Stacia to find out where we would be meeting, I got ready and headed to Wayne’s. Marthe, Brandon, Michael and his friend, and Stacia had already pregamed before getting there. I met them at the bar but the bartender was very rude so we left. We […]