Postcards From France

Brittany, France. I was very tired on Tuesday but by the time I got to my last class of the morning I was energized. The lesson I planned for this week was on The Roaring Twenties. We explored the topics of the Prohibition era including Speakeasys, mobsters and the rise of organized crime, The Harlem Renaissance including […]


Lord Help Me

Yesterday I blow dried my hair then Marthe visited and we watched Shopaholic.  We then went to the movie theatre to watch Une Nouvelle Amie but it was raining so we decided to return home and finish watching Shopaholic after stopping by Monoprix and running into Jen, who joined us.


Wigging Out

On Wednesday Marthe wanted to get Marley hair so we went to the beauty supply store and I ended up trying (many) wigs. I settled on Beyoncé (wig style name) but the color I wanted wasn’t available so with the help of one of the store clerks, I was able to get the one on display […]