Florence: Galleries & Gelato

I almost didn’t make it into the Uffizi Gallery because of an oversight. I was apparently supposed to get a placeholder ticket before standing in line and I didn’t know that. It wasn’t until I got to the entrance that I realized that people ahead of me were exchanging a placeholder ticket for an official […]


Scenic Florence

I feel so much brighter today. I spent my mid-morning finishing the walking tour of Florence then made a pit stop at the Piazza Santa Croce before crossing the river to the other side of Florence. The walk alongside the river was pleasant. I visited the Rose Garden, which is quite beautiful, before climbing the […]


A Rainy Interlude

I slept well into the afternoon on the day following the second night of the festival. I was totally wiped out and I did not feel enticed to go out because it had been raining all day. I ended up ordering Indian food and headed to pick it up in the evening. Not doing anything […]