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Dinner, Movies & Frozen

Yesterday, I was mostly on the computer. In the evening, I went to Yufan’s house with Jen and Marthe for dinner. Yufan’s sister as well as the Swiss girl, Elaina, were there and the food was suuuuper delicious. We had fried chicken with vegetables and samosas. It was awesome. Their friends, a couple, joined us a bit later and we had good conversation.

Today I went to the theatre with Marthe and we watched Saint Laurent- long, about drinking, sex, and drugs, not my scene. We stopped at McDonald’s afterwards and I got a Big Mac meal, delicious, with Fanta. We met a little girl who had a crown, bejeweled ring and wand and we had a conversation about our favorite colors and Frozen (La Reine de Neige).

When I got home I read some ebooks and surfed the net until dinner. I am going to sign up for danse classes at the school tomorrow.  Ciao


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