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Exploring Galway

Sarena and I visited the tourism office of Galway after breakfast then wallked to the cathedral. It is amazing-simply beautiful and one of my favorites. I could feel a sense wholeness being there and I admired, as I usually do, the stained glass works.

As I standing by the holy water, an elderly man named John approached me and shared some kind words with me asking where I was from, what I was looking forward to seeing in Galway and talked about his past experience visiting and staying in Boston. He was quite friendly.

After the church visit we walked along the canal and came across a ferret named Migoloo out on his routine walk. We also came by this alley where the walls displayed a panorama of street art.

Sarena and I were wondering aloud about on one particular painting that was a portrait of a woman with a name and dates. A man stopped by and told us the story behind it. Bl-IMG_0591It was made in commemoration of Mags Berry who had been a resident of Galway. She was an orphan who had had an incredibly difficult upbringing resulting in struggles with substance abuse and mental health challenges. After her death, the town came together to paint this work in honor of her which was touching.

We continued our walk around town and eventually made our way to the Spanish Arch then visited the Galway City Museum which is right next door.Bl-IMG_0630

After the museum we went to lunch and then headed back in. I had to take a break and take a nap because I was wiped out.

Once I woke up from my nap I went in town to meet Sarena and we continued our walk before having dinner.

APR 17

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