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Farewell to Dublin

On my last day in Dublin I felt very meh. I had no desire to get out of bed so I slept in for a bit. When I woke up I pepped myself to head into town just to finish seeing the As Above, So Below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. On my walk there my intuition led me into Chapters Bookstore and straight upstairs to the second hand section. The store is huge and I was able to find some pages in books that bolstered my spirit.

I was also able to take my time at the Irish Museum of Modern Art since I had nothing else on my agenda for the day. I finished seeing the special exhibition and was also able to explore the other works in the museum. I was especially take with an installation that recreated a scene of items washed up ashore.

On my way out I stopped at a Freud exhibit in a separate building which was dark and grey and somber. I spent less than ten minutes in there before heading out to grab dinner and call it a day.

APR 17


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