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Florence: Galleries & Gelato

I almost didn’t make it into the Uffizi Gallery because of an oversight. I was apparently supposed to get a placeholder ticket before standing in line and I didn’t know that. It wasn’t until I got to the entrance that I realized that people ahead of me were exchanging a placeholder ticket for an official entry pass.

Back of the Golden Ticket

When the officials asked me for my ticket I told them I didn’t have one and I didn’t know was supposed to get one. They took a moment just looking at me and trying to decide what to do when the people directly in front of me and beside me vouched for me and told them that I had been in line the whole time. Thankfully, one of the officials handed me the golden ticket and I was granted access inside.

The first thing I have to say about the Ufizzi is that it is Huge. There are multiple levels and the hallways are super long. The second thing I have to say is that there Angels depicted in many of the works of art. I was so glad I got to see The Birth of Venus in person and I found the Penny For Your Heart man.

This is a museum I will definitely have to return to someday. Just like the Louvre, there is so much to take in at one time that I would have to explore this site by degrees.

After the Uffizi visit, I walked across the Ponte Vecchio one last time and strolled around Santa Spirito.

I then returned to the other side by crossing the Ponte Santa Trinita and headed to the gelataria by Santa Maria Novella. I chose to get a scoop of hazelnut gelato and it wasn’t until that scoop hit the bottom the cup that I spied the pistachio. I let out an evil villain scream inside because it was too late to change my order.

Once I paid, I headed to the raised bars in Santa Maria Novella Piazza and sat down facing the church. I enjoyed my gelato as I meditated and enjoyed the moment. As soon as I finished my gelato and started walking back to my hotel, the clouds darkened and it started drizzling. I put up the hoodie on my raincoat and I was so glad that I was able to see and do everything I’d wanted to and finished it all right on time.

I was a bit sad to say goodbye to Florence but I was so happy that it turned out to be a great trip.


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