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Florence V: Just My Luck- Part 3

New Generation Festival-Night II

During intermission, I head to the food station in the garden with Anne and she helps me place my order in Italian. Anne enjoys a gelato while I eat my vegetarian sandwich and we have a lively discussion about her experiences living in Italy.

When I get back to my seat after intermission, Scot’s grandmother sits beside me and we have a lovely conversation. She is such a sweet person and she encourages me to pursue my passions and interests.

The orchestra alone plays during this half in the Corsini Gardens and once they wrap up the performance, we all head out on a walk to the Chiesa Ognissanti for the next concert on the program.

As I exit the garden onto the street I run into Laura and Elizabeth. I greet them and we start walking to the church together. When we end up losing each other at some point, I try to stick with the batch of people right ahead of me.

The church is absolutely beautiful and upon entering I spot the Angels again and rush to sit in the empty pew behind them.

Shortly after, a crowd gathers in and Itamar and Erica Piccotti take their places. Erica is brilliant on the cello and Itamar plays like an Angel. I was transported into the music and it was heavenly.

After they both take their bows and exit the stage, a smaller sector of the orchestra comes in and closes out the night. At this time it is past midnight.

When I head out of the church I thank the Angels, give Ulrike a big hug and start heading to my hotel. I spot Lisa about twenty feet ahead of me and my intuition tells me to reach out to her. I hesitate for a few moments before giving in and yelling out her name. She stops, turns, waves, and I run up to her.

We start walking together and she proposes, “Hey, come hang out with me at my place for a little bit.” I say okay and we are soon at her place.

There is a little bit of a snafu when we get to the building’s door because she is unable to locate her entry card. She ends up upending her entire bag and calling the property owner before she thankfully finds it. We get in and we engage in a lively conversation about the night and the people.

I learn about how she first met Charlie and we chit chat about our lives. I have a great time talking to her about astrology, being intuitive, and other normal everyday things.

An hour and a half or two later I wish her luck with all her endeavors and say goodnight.

When I get back in, I fall into bed. Before going to sleep I check my messages and see that I had missed a few texts. One was right before the evening’s events. Laura had texted me to inform me about her and Elizabeth’s whereabouts in case I was interested in linking up with them once there. The second was from Anne sent after the second half of he performance in the Corsini Gardens. She had wanted to know if I were interested in walking to the Chiesa Ognissanti together.

I felt bad that I had missed those messages but thankfully, I had seen Laura and Elizabeth earlier on the way to to the church. I make a note to send a message to Anne the next morning regarding the missed text.

By this time it is past 3:30 AM and I am super exhausted as I finish checking through my phone; I fall asleep shortly after putting it down