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French Boys to the Rescue

I had two DSTs today but first I had to go to a makeup session for my media class. The tests weren’t so bad it’s just that towards the end of the writing segment I needed to pee really badly (I know TMI); I was also running out of time so I just wrote two sentences (which may or may not be an accurate recollection).

I ran for the bathroom but the ones on all the floors were busy and/or had lines so when I got to the third floor and knew I couldn’t stand in line I saw a stall, rushed in and realized that the girl in front of me didn’t want to use it not because of the wad of toilet paper on the floor but because the door didn’t lock. I didn’t care. I was jumping for joy inside.

Afterwards, I realized I was famished and rushed to the vending machine before my media class started. I got a drink, a snack, then needed to get another snack. The snack got stuck (in the machine) and I was about to throw my hands up in the air and leave when a guy came up and started shaking the machine.  He went behind (the machine) and shook asking- in french of course-whether it (the snack) fell.

It still didn’t budge and I was ready to ask him to forget it when another French boy came up and started directing the whole operation. I successfully collected my snacks and had to thank them quickly because I was la my class it was already past time for me to be in class. After media I got home, checked mail, surfed the web, ate dinner, called family, and then I started studying for literature. Good luck to me.

October 2014

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