A Thousand and One Art Series

Golden Light

The third art piece in A Thousand and One Art Series is Golden Light. This work is a portrait based on a photo I took of myself. On the day I took the photo, I had come out of the house after being inside for so long during the quarantine. It was about a month after the Black Lives Matter protests took off during the spring of 2020. I had completely disconnected from social media and I had to do a hard reset emotionally due to the turmoil and trauma that comes with being Black in the U.S.

This portrait for me is about being present. It’s about recovery in the sense of having to let your light shine.

When I had posted the actual photo, I had written, “We have to go. And we have to come back.”

In essence, Golden Light is about the comeback.

Today, when I look at Golden Girl, which I have displayed on my bedroom wall, I hear the song Golden Girl by Frank Ocean. What he sings is how I feel about myself when I look at the portrait. I am my own Golden Girl.

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