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Great Things Come Instantaneously

Brittany, France

Last night I ran with Louise. We jogged for an hour and it wasn’t so bad. I’ll be fit before you know it. Louise did point out a statue of three singing sisters that I’ll need to return to during the day. She also recommended a restaurant which I’ll go to once my sister gets here.

Last week I went to la poste. It was a rainy day but I got to see more of the town. On Monday I went to the store and
Madame Olivia picked me up which was nice (I’m grateful) and she helped me bag my groceries at checkout. She also complimented my French which I appreciated.

Today I met Alice who was an English teacher here last year (filling in for another teacher). She’s having a baby on my birthday which is cool. She’s really nice and even though she is from this town she works in a neighboring one and hopes to come back here permanently (the French public school assignment system for teachers is quite different from what I know of the American one so it took me quite a bit of time to understand it). Alice had lunch with us at the cantine while she caught up with her teacher friends here. Richard, another teacher, told me about Fest Noz ( a traditional Breton night party/gathering). There’s one tonight. He also told me he is performing traditional Breton dances tomorrow with his group and invited me. He’ll be picking me up and I’m excited to see everything; what the atmosphere is like, what clothing they’ll be wearing for the performance, what the performance is.

I also got compliments on my hair again today.

I think running was good for me. I feel good and have energy and a clear head. I am sunning right now and the sun feels amazing. I feel hopeful. I am filled with hope. I notice that when I am active great things come my way instantaneously.


la poste (French) = POST OFFICE

Fest Noz (Breton) = a traditional Breton night party/gathering


November 2016

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