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Sarena came over and we watched Modern Family and White Collar with Jen. Then we checked through the drawer for things to help us with costumes. I found a waist sash with coins for belly dancing and Jen found cat ears. We then went to H&M and then So Green, and The Six. There was this really beautiful headband that I loved but didn’t get and Jen was looking for a wallet. We separated from Sarena, went to the mall yet still didn’t see a wallet she liked. We got home, I showered, we ate dinner, then got ready for Halloween.

We went to the residence for Jen’s school and I met a lot of people who were going to High Club as a group. There were two girls who I stayed close to. When we got to High Club there was a long line; many were dressed but when we got in we were told that we still had to pay (contrary to word on the street that it was free if you dressed up).

I ran into another friend, Yufan, once I was in there. The music was okay and Jen wanted to leave and I wasn’t opposed to going so we headed home. It was super cold and when I got home I changed, got some tea, then went to bed. I’m never going to High Club again. It’s a wrap.

October 2014

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