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I get to see Yoann Gourcuff play

On Thursday I had literature and found out that we have to make up the classes that we missed (more than 5 hours). We also took our DST which wasn’t so bad.

On Friday I stayed in (didn’t do much other than surfing the net).

On Saturday I did the same except I practiced for danse africaine and in the evening I got tickets to the OGC Nice v. Lyon game which is happening next Saturday. I was happy to see that prices were reduced for women (yay me!) and I get to see Yoann Gourcuff play 🙂

A few days later…

Today I did yoga, straightened my hair, and went to get Fenocchio (goyave-okay & mandarine- sour). At dinner V and I talked about Yoann Gourcuff the only French footballer she happens to know and she is loaning me her binoculars so I can have a good view of him all the action on the field.


October 2014

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