A Thousand and One Art Series

I Wanted To

How many times have you thought over and over and over again about doing something you have been wanting to do yet you never actually get to the point of doing those things? The fourth work in A Thousand and One Art Series, I Wanted To, touches on that conundrum.

I Wanted To pale blue

When I started working on this project, I didn’t know what it would come out to be but swirling in my head was the jumble of things that have been on my mind to do that I never get to start. And even though these things are actually connected to doing things that would bring joy, I just kept delaying them.

This piece serves as a positive and encouraging reminder to acknowledge the thoughts of what we have been wanting to do and to immediately take action on those things. I recommend getting this work as a sticker or magnet or small art print that you can place in an area where it will easily catch your attention (the art prints in the images in this post are 10 x 10 inches) and each time you see this image, do one thing no matter how big or little that you have been thinking of doing that you haven’t yet done. Remind yourself, okay I have thought, now I have to do. This, with time, will become a practice in moving thought into action.

I Wanted To black
I Wanted To dark blue glitter
I Wanted To light blue glitter
I Wanted To white

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