Learning French through Sports

As a student studying French language and literature, I like it when I find videos or music in French which speak to me. One of the programs I like watching is Intérieur Sport which gives an intimate look on what goes on in an athletes’ life behind the scenes. The focus is still maintained on the athletes’ commitment to their sport, handling injuries and setbacks, as well as training. Their personal lives are not delved into apart from maybe a question here or there about how they, or their family, have been personally affected by the athletes’ success, setbacks, and/or the rise to fame/stardom.
The first Intérieur Sport I watched followed Yoann Gourcuff, a French soccer player. Gourcuff plays for Olympique Lyonnais in the French Ligue 1. He is a midfielder and at the time of the filming he was recovering from a major injury to his knee/thigh/leg. The second Intérieur Sport I watched was on Tony Parker, a basketball player who plays in the NBA for the San Antonio Spurs.
I am not much of a sports person but I find that I like watching either French sports programs or sports programs in French. Intérieur Sport is shown on the French television station Canal+. Canal+ also has a website where one can watch Intérieur Sport as well as other programs or video content.

Yoann Gourcuff, « l âme de fond »: 

Tony Parker – Under Control:


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