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Manors in Brittany

When I came down to the kitchen this morning, two cupcake pieces were sitting pretty on the table waiting for me. Claire’s daughter had apparently made them the day before and made a point to save some for me (#blessed). Bl-IMG_9460After breakfast, Claire and I made iced tea and cookies and soon after her daughter’s friend came over and the two baked a chocolate cake.

Sometime in the afternoon Claire drove us to an area nearby to hike a trail. As we walked along the path she pointed out some places across the river and I think I saw what looked like a mini chateau in the distance. The trail was relaxing and the exercise was good for the body.


When we returned I caught up with some of my shows online and later in the evening we played Jungle Speed and Uno, ate dinner, and then played Bingo using seashells when we ran out of place markers.


At the end of the night we watched La Grande Vadrouille, a french comedy that is apparently a classic.

Earlier in the day Claire’s daughter had asked me when I’d be leaving and I’d asked why to which she replied that she didn’t want me go. Isn’t that heartwarming?

All in all this was a great day.

FEB 17

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