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Sleepless Nights, Getting Lost, & Meeting the Family

One Month Ago…

I went to the beach yesterday with the girls in my program. It was one of the girls’ first time at the beach. We had met with our program professor earlier and went to a restaurant where I ordered a nicoise salade. The waitress was nice and suggested places to visit during our stay. I did not pack a bathing soup lol! (or shampoo and conditioner) so I will be getting those this week.

I was supposed to wake up at 6:30A.M today but I woke up at 3:30 A.M.  and couldn’t go back to sleep so I just turned on the tv and I am watching a channel that is playing music videos. I realize I tend to mumble in my throat when talking so I now have to work on projecting my voice. My host family is returning today so I’ll meet them then.

Later that day…

I went to the beach and got lost a bit on the way back. I used French to ask for directions, which was the first time I’d spoken French directly to a complete stranger.

Later that night….

My host family is cool. They came back from vacation today and V (my host mom) still made dinner which was nice ( I’d already eaten pizza). She also helped me look up the route to school. Lu is very funny. I like that she is uninhibited. V says that she is the clown and the artiste of the family. She is very lively. I didn’t really get to meet Amie because she had to leave but I am already grateful that I got placed with this family and I’m sure our time together will be super awesome.

Bl-IMG_0167The pizza I ate. Delish.

September 2014

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