23 & Me

I have officially left my town in Brittany. I packed everything I needed to, booked my ticket to return home and returned my wi-fi box. I then ate a huge plate of spaghetti and while drying the dishes I hit my lip really hard with a pot. I had to take care of the bleeding […]


Helicopter Tour

The next morning, after getting ready for the day, I head down to breakfast and Claire’s daughter shows me some works from her art collection. She then does the sweetest most unexpected thing: offering me one of her paintings. Of course I had to accept! – but on the condition that she sign the art […]


Quimper Night walk

The most amazing thing happened last night. Claire, our school nurse, invited me over to her place near Quimper for the upcoming break and I am ecstatic. This morning, I packed for my trip and the process was fairly simple and stress free. I chose to use my medium size suitcase because I was not […]


Postcards From France

Brittany, France. I was very tired on Tuesday but by the time I got to my last class of the morning I was energized. The lesson I planned for this week was on The Roaring Twenties. We explored the topics of the Prohibition era including Speakeasys, mobsters and the rise of organized crime, The Harlem Renaissance including […]


Adventures in Printing

Brittany, France I just love teaching. It is something, the interaction, it makes me feel alive.  I was excited to get back to the classroom and get to teaching today after the first holiday break. I had prepared a lesson about stereotypical high school students/groups and saved it on a flash drive. When I got […]