Florence III: Opening Night Continued

New Generation Festival-Night I I find the second half of the opera to be much more enjoyable than the first and once the show ends, I go in search of the restroom. When I come out, I make my way to the room where a Jazz band is set up for the next phase of […]


Helicopter Tour

The next morning, after getting ready for the day, I head down to breakfast and Claire’s daughter shows me some works from her art collection. She then does the sweetest most unexpected thing: offering me one of her paintings. Of course I had to accept! – but on the condition that she sign the art […]


African Danse

It was storming super hard when I woke up and throughout the day. My afternoon class and tomorrow’s class were cancelled. I’d forgotten my stuff at home to register for the bureau des sports so after eating lunch I went back to school but found out that the office only accepts checks. Marthe called me in […]


Wigging Out

On Wednesday Marthe wanted to get Marley hair so we went to the beauty supply store and I ended up trying (many) wigs. I settled on Beyoncé (wig style name) but the color I wanted wasn’t available so with the help of one of the store clerks, I was able to get the one on display […]