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The Candy Fairy

Brittany, France

I feel like a Candy Fairy because I have been walking around with a huge blue bag and passing out candy to students, teachers, and staff. There will be a staff picnic on Thursday so I’ll be arriving with loads of candy to spare.

I had been planning on asking Madame Olivia, who works the welcome and reception desk, to pick me up from the store on Thursday afterschool but Louise, the art teacher, offered to do so and I am so grateful. Louise stays in the apartment part-time and she is great company. Claire, who is the school nurse, has to stay overnight a couple of times a week and she is very nice as well. She will be going to NYC with her daughter during the upcoming break and she asked me if there was anything I’d like her to bring back for me but I really couldn’t think of anything. Everything has been great so far and I can’t wait for bigger adventures.


Aisha Isabelle

P.S. The heat is on!



October 2016

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