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The Yannick Noah Concert

The Yannick Noah concert was lively. En route to the concert I learned that Yannick Noah was a French tennis player turned singer who is actually the father of Joachim Noah, an NBA player. The stadium was filled and even though I knew none of his music I still had a good time and I loved the ambiance.

At one point, he was speaking to the crowd about his Cameroonian heritage and said he did have a place there (in Cameroon) and that if anyone came down there he would welcome them. When I heard that statement, in my head I was like don’t put that offer out there like that because I just might show up one day and be like “Hi, remember when…?”

Although he is by no means a young performer, he was very dynamic on stage and even made his way through the crowd at one point and walked right by the area where my group was standing (Stacia, Brandon, Marthe, Sarena).

I tried very quickly to snap some photos but the pictures didn’t come out too clearly.

Once the concert ended and I got in for the night I was definitely ready for some rest after the long day I had had.

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November 2014

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