Life in Nice Nice study abroad

Then a Fight Broke Out

On Friday, I watched Pitch Perfect with Jen and Lu before going to a dress-like-your-country event.  I went to Checkpoint with Brandon and Marthe and hung out with some friends. I got the virgin mojito which tasted just like Fresh Mint and they bought a bottle of champagne (but I dont drink:}). We then went to the ESN party at Le Sansas; it was hot (the temperature). Marthe, Jen and I walked to Mc Donald’s which was closed…then we were waiting for the rest of le squad…then we decided to walk and get a snack…then we went back to the tables outside McDonald’s…then they met us…then we went back to Le Sansas…then Stacia wanted to go to Wayne’s…then a fight broke out when Marthe when to bathroom…then we left.


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