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What got me through 2020

What got me through 2020?

1. Watching 90 Day Fiancé in all its permutations

I have watched 90 Day Fiancé since it first aired and out of the whole 90 Day Fiancé universe I think there are maybe two seasons I haven’t really watched. All the spin-offs that aired during the year have been a blessing in my life.

2. Hanging onto my single strand of sanity
When I say hanging on to my single strand of sanity I mean I clung on to faith like never before. It was rough but I gained some muscles.

3. Taking 9 months to not complete a 30 Day Yoga practice
In all fairness I did make it to Day 27 so it wasn’t all a lost cause.

4. Reviving old projects
Basically getting to the things I was escaping such as updating and restructuring this blog.

5. Churning out art, art and MORE ART 
It’s been 8 years since I’ve really done any type of applied art. I did more than dibble and dabble. It was fun.

6. Sleeping as if time doesn’t exist
because it doesn’t (at least not in 2020)

7. Crying at least once a month 
I mean, who didn’t?

8. Rearranging and redecorating
Furniture was moved, walls were changed.

9. Drinking more water then falling off the wagon 
I am the worst when it come to hydration.

10. Journaling like my life depends on it
Because it did. If not, how would I have known what day it was.

11. Writing and publishing a book teaching you easy ways to get grounded in your body
This is the exciting part. In my book I teach you simple and effective tool to get grounded in your body in times of stress.

The Hassle Free Guide to Getting Back in Your Body by Aisha Isabelle

Learn simple and effective tools to keep grounded in stressful times.
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